Rostrum meetings are held on Tuesdays 6.30 to 7.45pm at the Cairns RSL Club, 115 The Esplanade, Cairns

Rostrum Pubic Speaking Club Cairns public speaking workshop

Conquer Your Fears
and Create a More Confident you.
Come Join our friendly Rostrum Club

Our experienced presenters will help you

* control your nerves and gain confidence
* become a confident communicator
* express your ideas with Pizzazz

Workshops include public speaking sessions, the power of body language, gestures, voice control, overcoming nerves and fears, speech formulas, how to keep your audience interested and ways to grow in confidence.

Testimonial: "I want to thank Rostrum club 31 for all their encouragement and support in the brief time I participated. I learned so much and gained so much confidence. Before rostrum, public speaking terrified me, but I have grown so much in such a short amount of time that I was able, this past week, to give a lecture series and loved every minute of it. I couldn't have done that without Rostrum. Alyssa Crawford"

If you Join Rostrum you will.......

Learn to Speak with Confidence

Speaking with confidence can be such an asset in life so why not develop your skills and practice in the friendly atmosphere of the Rostrum Public Speaking Club of Cairns. Public speaking does not have to be daunting, there are fun ways to develop mental dexterity as well as the delivery of important topics by joining this friendly group.

Public Speaker

Testimonial: "I attended a Rostrum Public Speaking Course after hearing a segment on ABC local radio. My goal and motivation was to improve my public speaking skills to help me in my job. I experienced an excellent day of training and after attending a few meetings, I decided to become a Rostrum member to further improve my public speaking. I feel that I am succeeding in this and I have also met a welcoming and diverse group of people who I could now count as friends. Based on my experience I would encourage anyone to get involved with Rostrum!
Steven Mackaness"

rostrum cairns Rostrum Speaking Club of Cairns
Public Speaking

Maintain your Public Speaking Skills and Help Others

You may already have skills as a public speaker and want to practice in a friendly environment. Your skills can help others to learn too. Everyone has something to contribute and you may learn something that improves your skills or presentations too.

The advantages of speaking well are many

You can improve your prospects for employment as well as enhance your social life and interpersonal relationships with others.

rostrum cairns

Testimonial: "I came to Rostrum a year ago, when I was 64, retired, and with no background in Public Speaking. I have found Rostrum very stimulating, it's like a 'best kept' secret, that not many people seem to know about. The support and the training has been fantastic, and ALL the people are so supportive and friendly. I have noticed all the new members, myself included, have grown enormously in confidence, since those first very nervous days of our initial speeches. I love the immediate feedback we get from the critic-mentor, after each speech we give. I haven't found anything hard about Rostrum, and I really love the speech writing and preparation. In fact, I can't wait for the next meeting to come around next Tuesday.
John Hannan - Club 31, Cairns City."

Footnote: John Hannan went onto win the Novice Speaker of the year for Qld 2015

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Why Rostrum?

You can learn the art of good public speaking and practice your skills in a friendly, encouraging and supporting environment. This will help you gain the confidence you need to be a leader in life and it will make your self development fun because you are learning with others who have the same objectives.


Observers are welcome so why not come along and see for yourself ?

Meetings held every Tuesday Night
in the Cairns RSL Club, 115 The Esplanade, Cairns
at 6.30 to 7.45 pm
Telephone: Karen Matheson on 0413 184 033

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Karen Matheson, Vice President
Telephone 0413 184 033


Karen Telephone:
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